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    PiYo, combines Pilates and yoga to strengthen and stretch muscles without the pounding of boot camp.


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    This move alternates from a plank position to a back bend. The key here is to move through side plank and over to the other side. Do five to ten reps in this direction. Then switch legs and do five to ten in the opposite direction.

    Really squeeze your shoulder blades as you squat then do a dive. As you come down into your dive remember to reach through and cross your wrists. Do 15 reps just like this.

    Starting in an inverted v, you'll alternate between a tuck position and extending your leg behind you. As you come down, bend your elbows out to sides and cross your ankles. Do one to five reps like this and switch legs and repeat.

    Bring your opposite knee and elbow up then hinge forward as you switch arm positions. You're going to alternate between standing and this horizontal position for 10 to 12 reps. Switch legs and repeat.

    Starting on all fours, tuck your toes under and get ready to rotate and kick towards the right, balancing on your left palm and pivoting on your right foot. You'll do one to five reps like this, switch sides, and repeat. For this move, you'll alternate between a wide V stance.

    And variations on a warrior position. Go from V stance to warrior two back to v stance and then this modified warrior. that's one repetition. You'll do twelve repetitions just like this. Then switch legs and repeat.

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